Welcome to the BLUE AGE

Digital, Informational, AI age.

The blue age refers to the time-period where personal computers, mobiles, tablets and other subsequent technologies to provide users the ability to easily and rapidly transfer information. This is the age of widespread use of technological products and networks and technological methods over traditional methods in life practices.

The current development era in which social, economic and political processes are driven by application of digital technologies An age that information is now in a digital form. The widespread of digital technologies by masses such as computers, email, internet, electronic games, videos so forth. Also referred to as information age, this is a period in information demand for decision making is very high; with higher forms of technology to ensure satisfaction. This is an era for prolific development and use of sophisticated technological innovation in almost all aspect of global business activities.

The digital age has a wide scope. It's likely that you have heard of buzz words like 'Artificial Intelligence' (AI), automation, Big data, Internet of Things (IoT), and 'cloud'. These are just some of the streams that come under the 'digital age' umbrella.