Born of EVANCHE during Covid-19 2020

This is the time when Evanche took birth which was more of a need and a solution to provide value to businesses of all sizes by integrating technologies.

We all faced it and still facing...The lockdown, the fear, the closed doors and the four walls but as we are reading this, we have gone through it and survived. Cheers!

The global Covid-19 pandemic has forever changed our experiences -- as customers, employees, citizens, humans and our attitudes and behaviours are changing. During this time, what mostly kept us social humans going inside the four walls was the connectivity through internet with our computing devices in the form of entertainment, social handshake, a virtual touch which gave us a deeper dive in the digital shift.

It was also during this time when the businesses were low, employees getting laid off's and the surge of urgency for people to make money for their livelihoods. There needed a solution as what can get us all going even without physical touch for our livelihoods in the most cost- effective manner. This very own thought gave birth to Evanche by integrating digital technology into the lives of people, into the business of all sizes, to earn, to live, to smile.

Evanche with its digital program is here to communicate, collaborate, share knowledge and integrate technologies. As an individual, we power you digitally in the form of web/app development, Internet of things, AI and data analytics to help you get your business started or the already existing business get going digitally. We give you the digital platform to connect locally and with the world. Likewise, for SME's and big organisations, we power them with the platform of cloud computing by our SaaS, PaaS and IaaS platforms, automation, big data, DevOps, IT consulting etc. We are here to bring confidence, inspire and connect people with their experiences and stories.